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Tango argentin, La Morocha, Andree LapeyreTango argentin, La Morocha, Andree Lapeyre




November 2006

Argentinian manufacture and presentation of "Alma Tango" in the milongas and in most medias of Buenos Aires.

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October 2006

Presentation in France of "Alma Tango"

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October 2005

Color Tango in Avignon on October 22nd and 23rd, 2005

We are happy to welcome again Color Tango in Avignon.
Concert, ball, history of the tango and animations...

March 2004

"Amor Tango" Is now distributed in France to: FNAC, VIRGIN MEGASTORE, CULTURA, enter other and in of numerous milongas.

At present, organized by the project of distribution in the United States and in Japan with Sergio, Anton and Natalie. Sergio took advantage of it to take some photos in the Japanese garden of Boenos Aires.

Photos in the garden

Great Argentinian Tango night with Color Tango Avignon Octobre 22, 2004

Roberto Álvarez and his orchestra received a great success at the time of their passage in Avignon and Nimes. Andrée with ACH Communication organized two evenings including one Thursday October 21, 2004 in Nimes where Color Tango presented its seminar "the Tango History" and Friday October 22 in Avignon for a concert and a ball.
Approximately 650 persons whose certain arrivals by far (Geneva, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, etc.) were conquered by the service of this orchestra, worthy representing in the world the colors of the Tango and Argentina.
The musicians played two tangos and a milonga being reproduced on the CD "Amor Tango" and about twenty couples of dancers representing of south-east France associations made a demonstration on these musics.

On the
press page, many photographs testify to this event.

Presentation of CD "Amor Tango" in Buenos Aires - July-August 2004

Andree went to Argentina for the presentation of her CD which received an excellent reception in the milongas such as for example: Lo de Celia, Salón Canning, La Confiteria Ideal, Malevaje, El Arranque, Viejo Correo, Chicago Social Center, etc... A couple of dancers evolved on her creations and now the CD is for sale in most record dealers, such as Zivals but is also presented by Silvia Dopacio in the milongas.

With the occasion of this voyage, many profitable contacts were made with professionals and unforgettable meetings will remain ever engraved in the heart of "La Morocha". (See


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