Tango argentin, La Morocha, Andree LapeyreTango argentin, La Morocha, Andree Lapeyre



Buenos Aires
Juillet - août 2004

Specila thanks to GUILLERMO for most pics on this page but also the nice meetings.
Website "Todo Tango"
La Mesa del Café - El Salón de Baile

Presentation of the CD "Amor Tango"
at Lo de Celia Monday August 9th 2004
with Paulo Bidard and Valeria Icardo dancers

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentin tango argentin

tango argentin

Meeting "Color Tango"
at "la Confiteria Ideal" August 5th 2004

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentin

tango argentintango argentin

Passages on "Radio Nacional"
Saturday July 31st 2004 with Silvia Dopacio
Friday August 6th with Diego Rivarola "Tango in the world"

At the "Teatro Regio"
Concert with "Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra"
Thursday August 12th 2004

An unforgetable orchestra...

With Maestro Carlos Garcia, magic violonist and exceptionnal singer Noelia Moncada

With Carlos García and Guillermo

With Maestro and Carlitos from Zaragoza

With Maestro Raúl Garello

With Osvaldo Montes and Noelia Moncada

Many thanks to Aníbal Arías for his reception and his CD

A great pleasure for "La Morocha" :
To be distribuate by Zivals the great record dealer of Buenos Aires.

tango atgentin

Yes, even angles play the bandonion...

Mi Buenos Aires querido...

Osvaldo and Coca
Authentics and lovely

tango argentin

At Malevaje August 20th 2004 - youth and the tango, very good service.

This evening, there even was the famous
"Sans Souci"Orchestra
with its excellent singer
Walter "Chino" Laborde,
happiness too.

Other photos...

Festival C.I.T.A. 2004, Palacio San Miguel

Teatro Regio - Noelia Moncada and Guillermo

Elizabeth Guerrero and Carlitos from Zaragoza
at la Confiteria Ideal

Panoramic sight of
the zone of Retiro (Buenos Aires)

Maestro Ernesto Franco at Boedo and San Juan

"Los Reyes del Tango"
at Tango Ideal

Walter "Chino" Laborde
and "Sans Soucí" Orchestra at Tango Ideal

Dancers at la Confiteria Ideal

Guillermo and Ana
dancing at Tango Ideal
with "Sans Soucí" orchestra.

Orchestra "Sans Souci"
singer Roberto Páez
in Tango Ideal.

Meeting in the Bar Gardel,
Maestro Ernesto Franco
and Noelia Moncada.


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